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DB Delay REPLICA KIT (unassembled), composed by*:

Step-by-step assembly instructions in English (available in the "DOWNLOAD" section)

1 x Professional PCB
22 x Capacitor (electrolytic, greenies polyester-mylar, ceramic cap)
21 x Resistor 1/4W
1 x Voltage regulator 78L05 / 2 x IC TL072/PT2399
1 x Diode 1N4001
3 x Potentiometer B50K
3 x Knob 
1 x Aluminium box 1590B (114x64x30mm)
1 x Top Sticker DB Delay
1 x Jack out  
1 x Jack in 
1 x 3PDT footswitch latching true bypass
1 x DC Power Jack 
1 x LED 3mm 
1 x LED bezel 3mm 
1 x Wire (1 mt)

*Type of Jack in/out, led, led bezel might change based on availability.

Our KIT REPLICA DB Delay, provides all the components and step-by-step instructions needed to assemble your delay pedal, based on a circuit that is halfway between analog and digital. The pedal is based on 3 simple controls: "Level", "Delay" and "Repeat". Level allows you to decide the level of mixing of the original sound with the delay, Delay controls the delay and repeat manages the repetitions (up to an infinite feedback).
It is designed for sounds similar to those of a vintage tape echo, easily obtainable thanks to simple settings and is suitable for use with other effects, particularly distortions, overdrives and fuzz. Given its versatility, the pedal can be positioned anywhere on the pedal board, providing its own sound even with clean sounds.

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