CVPS Analogue Flanger pedal REPLICA KIT

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(TRUE BYPASS) CVPS Analogue Flanger pedal REPLICA KIT (unassembled), composed by*:

Step-by-step assembly instructions in English

1 x Top Sticker CVPS Flanger
1 x Professional PCB
23 x Capacitor (electrolytic, greenies, ceramic disk)
43 x Resistor 1/4W
3 x Transistor 2N5088/2N5087 & 6 x IC LM311N, MN3007, TL072, LM324N, CD4013, CD4049
4 x Potentiometer B100K, B10K, C1M
4 x Knob
1 x Aluminium box 1590BB (119x93.5x34mm)
1 x Jack out Mono
1 x Jack in Stereo
1 x 3PDT footswitch latching true bypass
1 x DC Power Jack
1 x LED 
1 x LED bezel
1 x Wire (1 mt)

*Type of Jack in/out, led, led bezel might change based on availability.

This KIT allows the realization of an Analogue Flanger pedal effect designed to emulate the sound of David Gilmour in "The Wall". It is characerized by per n.4 controls/knobs (VOLUME, FLDEPTH, CHDEPTH and WAVESPEED) and n.1 toggle switch which disables the flanger and enables a sort of manual control of the modulation through the knobs.

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