G2 Pedal REPLICA KIT overdrive, distortion

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(TRUE BYPASS) G2 REPLICA KIT  (unassembled), composed by*:

Step-by-step assembly instructions in English
1 x Professional PCB
19 x Capacitor (electrolytic, greenies)
33 x Resistor 1/4W
5 x Transistor BC549C 
1 x Diode 14001
4 x Diode 1N34A
3 x Potentiometer A10K, B25K, A50K
3 x Knob
1 x Aluminium box 1590BB (119x93.5x34mm)
1 x Top Sticker G2
1 x Jack out Mono
1 x Jack in Stereo
1 x 3PDT footswitch latching true bypass
1 x DC Power Jack
1 x LED 3mm
1 x LED bezel 3mm
1 x Wire (1 mt)

*Type of Jack in/out, led, led bezel and knobs might change based on availability.

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