Build your AB switch box 1 IN and  2 OUT

Build your AB switch box 1 IN and 2 OUT

How to build an AB switch box with 1 input and two outputs (to be used for example to connect a guitar to two amplifiers and select which amplifier to use)? First of all let's see what components we need:

List of tools required for assembly (not included in the KIT):

Soldering iron and solder tin;

Drill and bits of a suitable size for drilling aluminum boxes;

Scissors and pliers;

Star screwdriver;

9V power supply for effect pedals;

Tester (recommended for debugging but not strictly necessary).

If you are not familiar with the use of the welder, I recommend following some tutorials that can be easily found on youtube.

Assembly procedure: Drill the aluminum box according to the template below; Assemble the different components with the aluminum box as shown in the figure below (seen from the underside of the aluminum box). In particular: - 3PDT footswitch (A / B footswitch) - 1/4 "mono jack (IN) - 1/4 "mono jack (OUT A, B) - Power jack (9V - DC IN) of 2.1mm - LED door + LED A (red) - LED door + LED B (green)

Preheat the soldering iron and proceed with the connection of the different elements following the diagram below:

Close the aluminum box using the cover and the 4 screws, connect the pedal to a 9V power supply and connect the input guitar (IN) and the amplifiers to the outputs (A and B).

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