Review KIT DIY DB Delay

Review KIT DIY DB Delay

In this month's blog we will explain in detail the composition and characteristics of our DIY kits. First of all, how does the KIT look like? Below is an explanatory image of the content and the different components (we have taken as an example our DB Delay):

kit db delay scatola  

The KIT is shipped in our custom vintage box made by DIY Pedal Gear Parts which contains everything needed for the assembly, in particular:

- Aluminum box

- Sticker


- 3PDT switch (and any toggle switches if present)

- Resistors, capacitors, diodes

- Transitors and integrated circuit  

Knobs and potentiometers

- DC Power jack

- Input jack and output jack

- Led and led door

- Wire for electrical connections

In the product box, there is also a short paper manual, to be used as an immediate reference and which indicates to download thecomplete instructions (step-by-step) from the product page of our website.


Once the correctness of the components received has been checked, assembly can be started by following our detailed manual (step-by-step), of which we report a few pages below (all the necessary tools and the soldering iron are not included in the kit) . The manual includes all the indications for a correct assembly and for the correct selection of the electronic components, as well as an indication about for example the wiring diagram and the drilling layout of the aluminum box.

Naturally, a minimum of manual skills and experience is required with regard to assembly, even if following the step-by-step instructions even beginners should be able to obtain a satisfactory result. Once the assembly is completed, the finished product appears as follows:

Do you also want to hear how it sounds? The KIT product pages have a short video available through which you can listen to the pedal in different settings. Below is the video of the DB Delay subject of this presentation:

Our technical assistance service remains available to support you via email and telephone for any need or clarification needed.

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